Calculations in repeated events

Hi all,

We are building a tracker program for strengthening health provider competencies through clinical mentorship.

We have a registration form and a repeatable stage (checklist)which is made of yes/no data elements. As the checklist can be filled several times, how to calculate a percentage score (number of yes divided by number of yes + number of no responses) X 100 for each individual event. What happens with a program indicator that has aggregation type: average and analytics type: event is that it calculates average percentage across all events. What we want as a result is the display in visualization of scores of each individual event for each health provider.

We welcome all possible solutions.


Hi @fernandoshake

Have you tried using the ‘custom’ aggregation type?


Hi @Gassim,

I have read about custom program indicators, but I can not figure them out. I do not have much experience in building Program indicators. Any hints on how I should proceed?


I believe you are already on the right course…

expression: (number of yes) / (number of yes + number of no) X 100

Analytics type: event
Aggregation type: custom this will ensure that the expression above makes the addition before aggregating the values; therefore, you will get the responses per event.