Calculating contact tracing indicators in Pivot Tables

Hi all! New to this forum. I’m interested in obtaining indicators for contact tracing and follow-up (listed below). I checked the Demo version of Tracker and couldn’t find these indicators in the Dashboard (which seems limited to case-based indicators). Is it possible to calculate these indicators in Pivot Tables or does it require downloading data extracts from the back-end?

  • % of contacts never seen
  • % of contacts who completed their follow-up
  • % of contacts identified as suspect cases
  • % of contacts that were reached by contact monitors
  • Time (#hours or #days) from symptom onset to case isolation
  • Time (#hours or #days) from symptom onset to first visit with a health worker
  • Time (#hours or #days) from symptom onset to confirmed diagnosis (by positive laboratory test)
  • Time (#hours or #days) from onset of symptoms of an index case to testing and notification of contacts
  • Percentage of cases (probable + confirmed) for which contact tracing was initiated
  • Percentage of cases (probable + confirmed) identified through contact tracing
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Hi @jyang, welcome to the Community of Practice!

I have moved your post to a new thread to give it more visibility, and will also share it with our Covid-19 support team for their follow up.

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Thanks @maxk, appreciate it!

@jyang you will need to use the program indicator app to create these additional indicators. Pivot tables simply use existing/created indicators for analysis, and item created can be saved on the dashboard. Here is the documentation relating to program indicator configuration Home - DHIS2 Documentation


Thank you @omielp, very helpful!