Calculate value when using data entry app

Hi team,

I need your help on how to calculate value when using data entry form.
For example:

I have two field of data element 1). Total number of participant; 2) number of female; therefore I want to get automatic calculate the number of male;

  1. Total number: 100
  2. Number of female: 25
  3. Number of male: 75 (automatic calculate without fill in)

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Calculated data elements do not exist in DHIS2 (it was a feature in DHIS 1.x). DHIS2 uses indicators to generate something similar.

If you want those calculated indicator values to be stored, though, you can use e.g. the Predicator app for this (cumbersome, but it works)

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Dear @Calle_Hedberg


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Dear Team,

Relevant to predictor. Can we create predictor for event capture and how to run it. For exam in event capture, I want to get automatically value number of total participant from Male plus Female. How could I do it?

Can help? thanks.
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Dear Team,

According to my previous question, I have created Predictor and out put data element “Total participant” that calculate from Female + Male data element. My question is after created Predictor why “Total participant” get nothing value? please need the help?

My work flow to create Predictor

  1. Create predictor with output data element

  1. Generator

  2. set sequential sample count and annual sample count

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Hi LCaynar

I am new DHIS 2 user and facing issues in creating predictors along its usage

If i have data element “Normal Deliveries”, please guide me steps to create predictor and how it use in data analytics

I am grateful if you share your skype or whatsapp to share screen with you while creating it

Waiting for your kind response

Javed Akram