Caching during development - is there a better way to ensure its all cleared?


I am doing work on program indicators and data visualisations but I am finding there is some areas of caching that I cannot seem to clear during a day. I sometimes have to wait and come back to the tasks becuase things like a visualisation in a specific setup caches very heavily - one example is that the keys in a chart dont refresh unless i change a chart by adding a new data element then load the pages where this exists then return to the visualiser and revert my changes.

I am aware of the browser cache removal tool, removing the cookies and cache in the browser (chrome).

Is there another way to disable caching for a specific user or something? It becomes very time consuming to remove cache constantly and there is always a risk that I missed something and the figures I am seeing are not the current figures from a change.

Thank you!

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Hi @jamiecarter7

The most assuring way for me has been using a fresh instance of the browser’s Guest mode when I want to see the latest changes without any browser cache. Incognito stores cache so it’s not efficient enough for this situation; however, when a new instance of Guest mode is opened, everything is zeroed so one can view things directly from the server and not browser cache. Would that be a sufficient move? If not, please, I would to hear why so I can understand the situation better.

Here’s the guide on using Guest mode on Google Chrome: Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Thank you! :slight_smile: