Buscador (Creating a Custom Search Function in Data Entry app data set)

Hola comunidad.
Cómo hacer un buscador en base a información que ya tengo ingresada. La idea es buscar por varios tópicos, de acuerdo a la demanda (fecha, stock, lote, etc). Es decir, como accedo a los datos ya ingresados a través de un buscador y que me traiga la información asociada.

Alejandro Grimau

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@agrimau ¿Podrías explicarme más? No está claro por qué quieres buscar en el formulario de entrada de datos. ¿Sabes que puedes usar la app Data Visualizer para encontrar dónde y cuándo se ingresaron los datos exactamente? Tal vez sea una forma más fácil de hacerlo.

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Dear Gassim, we know that we can use the Data Visualizer, but the idea is to make a search engine for users without the need to see all the data and search for the information one by one.

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Thanks! Could you please provide an example of how this can be used?

For example, in Data Visualizer app, I can see all the data entered in as many periods and org. units as I want and I’d still be able to search for example in the browser using CTRL+F; however, if there was a search function in the data entry app data set, what additional functionality would that add?


Based on the image shared, it seems the data entry form is for stock / inventory management and I presume what Alejandro you want is for the user to be able to quickly find what’s the stock availability of a particular medicine. Perhaps you can look up some solutions here: Logistics - DHIS2 which has a real-time stock management tool based on tracker which could fit your purpose. Alternatively, you can create multiple Dashboards that mimic the names of medicines you have and then the user can search for the Dashboard which would have the latest available stock?

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Dear community,
Thank you for your contributions, but what we need is a search engine, that is, I need to connect to the Database and be able to carry out a search, for whatever, and to bring me everything related to the search data.
Eg.- If I search by ID, I need it to bring me everything associated with that ID, such as name, surname, age, sex, etc.
Thank you.
Alejandro Grimau