Bulk Load app 3.5.1 now available

Welcome to the community @Nipun_Dasanayake! :tada:

I think this has to do with some server configuration. Probably with those that have MAX in them. :grin: @ifoche is very helpful and responds to other community members, so hopefully we’ll find a solution to this issue. :+1:

Thank you!

Thank you very much. Looking forward for the solution.

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Hi @Nipun_Dasanayake
I work with @ifoche at EyeSeeTea. I am glad you are also using Bulk Load. Can you let me know your DHIS2 and Bulk Load version? Your problem seems to be related to a performance/RAM issue. Can you try to use Bulk Load 3.19.1 if you are not doing it yet (it comes with several improvements)? It would also help if you can open the browser console and send to us the response of the trackedEntityInstance and event import calls. You said “the system gets stuck”, can you please describe a bit more about what is happening? Does the browser freeze?

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Thank you for the reply.
our dhis2 version 2.36.12
bulk load version 3.20.0
page becomes unresponsive. if I, wait it will run eventually.
It showed error in status report, but records were imported, in one instance 8237/8828 were imported. though can not find missing ones.
Client side desktop has enough ram,but chrome uses around 2gb ram

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Hi Ifoche,
When I try to download the Tracker program template, I get this error.
“Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘id’)”

What could be the issue?


Dear @Nipun_Dasanayake . Some updates to the app happened since your message. I hope your issue was solved. In any case it would be good if you could check it and let us know if later versions work better for you.

In any case, if the page becomes irresponsive, please try uploading less amount of data and let me know if the problem is only happening when you upload big files.

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Dear @Andrew_Kabala without more details is difficult to say, but could you check if it is a permissions issue? You could try with a superuser and see if the problem is solved. If you didn’t test it, I would also recommend you to test always the latest release (at this moment 3.20.1)

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Dear @ifoche , I am a super user using the latest version of Bulk Load, when I try to download the template with the Program data model, this is the error that I get.


Thank you, @Andrew_Kabala . Is there a way that by DM you could send me some credentials we could use to test it?

I sent you a DM

Greetings @Andrew_Kabala @ifoche

I’m encountering the same error [“Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘id’)”] when using Bulk Load. Do you recall what the above issue and/or resolution was?

I’m getting this error for 2 tracker programs when trying to download an empty template. But I am able to download templates for other programs (both event and tracker programs).

We are using Bulk Load version 3.20.1. DHIS2 version is v40. This is on a non-Production server that was recently updated to v40. Bulk Load is working on other servers that are on v2.37.9.1.

Thank you for any insight you can offer!

Best regards,

Welcome to the community @lorimetz4!

Great to see that you were able to find this post that seems related to the error you are seeing!

@ifoche, were you able to find a solution for @Andrew_Kabala? It would be great if we could document the solution related to this issue in the app and move the related posts to a new topic with a post marked as a solution?

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Dear @Gassim, @lorimetz4 ,

In previous cases the problem was that unfortunately Bulk Load has not yet been preprared to work with 40 DHIS2 version. At this moment the upper compatibility that we are announcing is for 2.38. In this case @lorimetz4 mentions that has been testing in, so I think that it would be really useful if we could get some credentials by DM to test that version, in order to identify if there is anything else we didn’t solve.

If it is related to DHIS2 40, unfortunately, it will need to wait for the app compatibility upgrade.

Of course there is always the option of boosting that process by hiring us or contributing with a PR that solve the issue.

Best regards


@ifoche @Gassim Thanks for your responses!

After this post, my colleague @Matthew_Boddie and I found what was causing the error. We started to look at the metadata for the two tracker programs that were producing errors. Because we were able to download templates for other tracker programs as well as event programs, it felt like this was a problem specific to certain programs and not necessarily caused by v40 and Bulk Load incompatibility.

We found references to null option IDs in some option sets:


The 2 options that belong in this option set are appearing correctly, but there are 2 extras that are appearing as null. When we looked at the options, sort orders were 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2. It seems that the nulls were inserted to “fill in” options for sort order 1 and 2. Not entirely sure how this happened because the nulls are not present in our production server ( and these options have not been updated in quite a while. I assume it happened during the upgrade to v40. To resolve, we removed the nulls from the option sets and then were able to successfully download the templates.

I’ve also been able to import data using Bulk Load 3.20 with v40. Testing is still underway - happy to share any of our Bulk Load experiences if that would be helpful.



Oh, thanks so much for the feedback @lorimetz4 . In fact, that kind of error, not associated with Bulk Load in particular, I have seen it many times in DHIS2, in other versions. So I have the feeling that there is something else that can corrupt the order of the options while working with them via the maintenance app, regardless of whether this time it was the v40 upgrade.

Everytime we have encountered it, we solve it by just exporting the optionset and importing it back with replace flag instead of merge strategy. It seems like the import process forces them to write the corrupted order field properly.

Yes please, anything else that could find will be a very valuable feedback for us.

Thank you!


Hello @lorimetz4 Just checking if you have any feedback to share about your experience with bulk load. Thanks!