Bulk Load app 3.5.1 now available

Welcome to the community @Nipun_Dasanayake! :tada:

I think this has to do with some server configuration. Probably with those that have MAX in them. :grin: @ifoche is very helpful and responds to other community members, so hopefully we’ll find a solution to this issue. :+1:

Thank you!

Thank you very much. Looking forward for the solution.

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Hi @Nipun_Dasanayake
I work with @ifoche at EyeSeeTea. I am glad you are also using Bulk Load. Can you let me know your DHIS2 and Bulk Load version? Your problem seems to be related to a performance/RAM issue. Can you try to use Bulk Load 3.19.1 if you are not doing it yet (it comes with several improvements)? It would also help if you can open the browser console and send to us the response of the trackedEntityInstance and event import calls. You said “the system gets stuck”, can you please describe a bit more about what is happening? Does the browser freeze?

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Thank you for the reply.
our dhis2 version 2.36.12
bulk load version 3.20.0
page becomes unresponsive. if I, wait it will run eventually.
It showed error in status report, but records were imported, in one instance 8237/8828 were imported. though can not find missing ones.
Client side desktop has enough ram,but chrome uses around 2gb ram

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