Bulk Load 3.21.0 Failed to create update data values

Hi all,
I am trying to upload Tracker Program data into DHIS2 using Bulk Load 3.21.0. The Program has 3 stages. However, it fails to create data values, although it creates the TEIs. When I am uploading, I leave the TEI field and the Event ID field blank, but fill out all the other values. What am I missing? I will be grateful for a resolution.
The import summary:

The TEI instances:

The first stage:

When I add internal IDs i.e 1,2,3… for the TEIs and the Events, I get this error:

Program stage is not repeatable. Current payload contains a duplicate event, even when there are no duplicates in the data.


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@Andrew_Kabala disregard my response if someone with technical experience comes in here, but I’d be curious if you could skirt this issue by giving specific UIDs to the events. Generally we’ve found this approach to be very useful anyway, so that multiple instances of the event don’t get erroneously created if files are imported more than once/if we want to edit an event vs. create a new one.

If you’re open to putting in UIDs, you can easily pull UIDs though a (instance)/api/system/id.csv?limit=15 type URL to copy and paste them into your csv


Thanks for the post… Bulk Load app is developer by EyeSeeTea and WHO, so maybe we could get one of the developers to support, @ifoche ? Thanks! :pray:

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie. I think this makes sense, let me use this approach.



Hey there!

I’m using bulk load to upload tracker and event data:

DHIS2 version:


  1. Download the bulk load template for the respective tracker program
  2. Fill in TEI data and upload - in order to get TEI ids.
  3. Redownload template and begin to fill in the data values for events against respective TEI ids.
  4. Upload template v2 to bulk load.

The problems:

  1. When uploading TEI data, it produces two of each instance. One with the values, the other that have blank TEI attributes. So I have to go deleting the individual blank attributes TEIs. This is not feasible considering the amount of data I am working with.
  2. It does not create event data. My program stages are not repeatable so it says that the events with similar IDs already exist. Yet they DO NOT. When I check the tracker dashboard, it is not there. The only events that exist are the ones I created directly on the dashboard. I can not create individual events because of the amount of data I am working with.
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@Andrew_Kabala This this work for you or how did you eventually go about uploading the data?

UPDATE: I tried the method of uploading event data by first filling in the event IDs and it still throws the same error @Matthew_Boddie


Dear @Andrew_Kabala , @lillian1n2 . Unfortunately Bulk Load has not yet been made compatible with DHIS2 2.39+.

We are planning to do it by Q3 2024, but we will make the proper announcements in the community once confirmed.

Until then, we cannot guarantee anything about the apps behaviour in 40.

Best regards