Bulk extraction of events through API

Hi all,

We’re facing a problem using API calls to extract events introduced through Event Capture App. Our system use DHIS for our data entry and we’ve configured so many visibility levels by user and by role, depending or not via OrgUnit and Programs defined. All this filtering is needed for our data entry but then our purpose is to import all the data entered through the Event Capture to our local repository.

The problems begin when while extracting this data we cannot make a bulk extraction of all the news/modified events. On 2.22 release we were able to extract without specifying neither the OrgUnit nor the Program, this changed and now we must specify at least one call for every program of our system. Moreover, as we are using Category Options and Category Combos for user filtering in our data entry, right now we must make a call for every program and every combination of its CategoryCombos and Category option.

This number of calls is increased considerably and we wonder if the user we are using to make the bulk extraction of the new/modified events is defined as an Admin role with entire visibility to the whole system, should be able to extract all information without specifying the Category Combo and Category option.

I attached an example for further explanation:

  •      We have one user called ADMIN with admin role (entire visibility and permissions). And two users u1 and u2 with different visibilities assigned to some Orgunits. We only have one program defined, but with a category combo with two options (one for each user, u1 and u2).
  •      User u1 is only allowed to add information to the program with option 1 selected. And user u2 is only allowed to add information to the program with option 2 selected.

By now, if the ADMIN user want to get the new events introduced through the web API, he should use two calls:

  •      Get new events for program with category Combo x and option 1
  •      Get new events for program with category Comobo x and option 2

The question is (imagine the example with about 50 programs and more CCombos and Coptions) if it should be possible for the ADMIN user to make a unique call [Get new events for program] that includes both calls presented previously.

I hope I’ll explained well, thank you very much for your attention.


Marc Garnica

Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona