Bulk Editing Large Number of Events in 2.31

Trying to move a very large set of Events (>5,000,000) from one program to another. Other aspects (Data Values, Event Date, attributeCategoryOption,orgUnit,eventUID) all would remain the same.
{“orgUnit”:“AAA”,“program”:“BBB”,“event”:“CCC”,“eventDate”:“DDD”,“attributeCategoryOptions”:“EEE”} is the json piece that I was using; the import/export app accepted the Event Import and “updated” the event, however by “updating” all it did was remove all the values and change the last updated date. The program didn’t shift, and (I’m assuming because Import/Export is set to “replace” and not “merge” for event import).

I haven’t had great success with PUT requests on Postman through a runner, though I could give that another try; does anyone have a line on a better idea? Any great app that I could be benefiting from? Some hidden feature on the Import/Export that I’m ignorant of? Any insights welcome! Thanks!

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie,

Thank you for your support question.

I have asked someone on the @dhis2-backend to have a look and hope they will have some helpful advice.

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Thanks Karoline!