Built the NEW source but received the OLD war file

Dear all,

A strange problem which is happening in the source is place on my machine …
Updated a new source then I started to re-build the whole one. During the building step by Maven, there is no problem absolutely. But when I checking the new generated dhis.war file (the old war file had been deleted manually). So surprised, I really could understand what’s happened here. The new war file contains only the old source code which does not exist longer.

It’s very difficult to understand what’s going on in this…

In my opinion, I guessed that the new really dhis.war file which is not purchased after completely building. As so far, the last period of time, I remembered that someone said that we have to only build the whole of dhis-web folder instead of more building into dhis-web-portal folder anymore.

So, we must turn back the old way of building, mustn’t us ?

Thank you guys !


Good Health !