Building the Android App steps: customize your own logo, upload to your own MDM private store, debug, etc

Dear community,

We have updated our Github Wiki page (How to build the APK · dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app Wiki · GitHub) to include all the steps required to compile the APK directly from the source.

This allows you (among other things to):

  • Have your own Application logo
  • Change the application ID so you can upload it to your own private store (for MDM deployments)

We have also included some steps that can help you troubleshooting your faulty program rules.

We hope that you find this documentation useful. Feel free to comment here your use case so the rest of the community can learn and find different ideas.

Thanks you!



I followed the steps outlined in the WIKI, but I encountered an issue with changing the logo. Despite modifying the XML code as shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> ** ** ** **

The training logo continues to be displayed. I’m unsure what else I might have overlooked that is causing this problem. Could you provide further guidance on resolving this issue?

Thank yo