[Bug] Receiving a 409 error when exporting raw data via JSON in Demo app


I have an application that relies on the ability for the raw JSON output of the Event Viewer. When using this functionality in the Demo app (via Download → Advanced → JSON), I receive the following error message:

  "httpStatus": "Conflict",
  "httpStatusCode": 409,
  "status": "ERROR",
  "message": "Dimension identifier does not reference any dimension: `eHvTba5ijAh.B6TnnFMgmCk`",
  "errorCode": "E7125"

I have gone as far as running this locally in Docker using the demo database on different versions of DHIS2 (v40, v39, v38, v37) and have experienced this issue. Is this a known issue? This seems like a bug in the web app code but I haven’t been able to piece together where it is.


Hi @dleatherman

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If you are able to create the visualization in the Data Visualizer app then I recommend using that one which is newer and updated.


Hi @Gassim!

Thank you, It’s great to be here! :grinning:

Ah, I see. That is very helpful. I will make the Data Visualizer work for that purpose. If the intention is to not continue to maintain that functionality, making it not possible to use it would be helpful for future users. For example, “greying” out the options and adding a tooltip indicating it’s deprecated. I am not sure how simple that is given that both panels use the same menu bar but it could save time for others down the road.

Best. Thanks for your contributions and your timely response!