BUG: Error 500 in Program indicator DHIS2 2.34

Hi All,
I’m having error 500, when I try to run a program indicator that contains an option set. Nothing appears in the logs.

#{jFmuJZfR188.bxQXNEh0c7w} == ‘POSITIVE’ || #{jFmuJZfR188.prufNyOeqpX} == 1 && #{WRdDx7N9AtJ.mYRMshShTEJ} != ‘’

Program Indicator

DHIS version 2.33.4

Is the option set a text value type?

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,
Yes it is, the pivot accepts for few organizational units, but when I put a higher level, let’s say every country. It processes and returns this error.

Hi All,
Should I create a card in JIRA? I feel like a bug. When I choose a few dimensions, it works, but when I need more, it gives error.
Please, any help is welcome.

Hi All again,
I tested it in the new release, on DHIS play, 2.34.2, but the error persists, when I choose an option, for a considerable amount of time (last 12 months) within the entire organizational unit, it returns error 500…

Hi @asacur,

This looks like a bug. Please raise a jira issue with some steps required to reproduce it.


Hi @Gintare,
Here is the link of the ticket.
Thanks in Advance

Hello there,

I have made another ticket here regarding number of errors:

@Gintare, @Scott would you have possibility have a look?