Bringing DHIS2 to every remote location

BAO Edge brings DHIS2 hosting to every remote location and addresses data collection, management, and analysis challenges like ethical use, privacy protection and sovereignty.

Cloud hosting is not an option everywhere, and in some locations, organizations must host DHIS2 on a local server, which leads to unique challenges. The lack of broadband Internet connectivity, a reliable power grid, skilled computer technicians, and air conditioning make local hosting difficult. Standard rack-mounted servers are impractical or unusable and there are no data closets or data centers.

Agencies and organizations have attempted to overcome these limitations by providing caregivers with laptops, tablets, and smartphones for data collection and storage. This approach has several drawbacks. For example, caregivers must carry multiple devices to enter data for the same patient, organizations spend precious financial resources on building applications and buying equipment instead of delivering aid, and equipment is underutilized or used for unintended purposes.

A global hosting solution for remote locations
BAO Systems has a vision of a world in which the transformative power of data is fully harnessed to enable thriving societies everywhere and has developed a solution to reflect this. BAO Edge is designed for hosting DHIS2 at the true edge. It enables organizations and agencies to deploy the reliable, scalable computing power of DHIS2 at the edge, on-premise at thousands of locations, in the same way they leverage DHIS2 via the cloud. The small, stable server is remotely managed, requires no special equipment, is easy to install and store, and while capable of accessing the Internet, it does not require an Internet connection to host DHIS2 in a local cloud environment.

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