Brief info on Indian source code organization

Hi, a quick summary of long discussions today.

The Indian team has

  • 18 local modules

  • some functionality considered general related to data locking, orgunit type groupsets and embedded changelog info.

  • some functionality considered special for India related to filtering of datasets used for linelisting and a indicator scroll-bar

Code release is urgent. Code must be finished at 10th, tested and released at 20th. India codes must somehow be integrated with the global release as they need bug-fixes, GIS, and the Struts upgrade.

We agreed the ideal solution would be to (1) work on trunk by

  • maintaining local indian modules in the /local/in folder
  • implementing general requirements in trunk
  • implementing special requirements in trunk through user/system settings, making them optional for other users

The next best solution would be to (2) create an Indian branch on launchpad from global version 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT by:

  • implementing special requirements directly in the branch
  • Lars will implement the general requirements in trunk which Indian team will merge into the branch.

We chose (2) because of the time pressure. This is anyway a great step towards integration and better than the current situation where the Indian code resides in a local SVN repository. Still, we decided to sit down and do (1) later this fall when we have more time available and can sit together.