Bottleneck Analysis app minor release 1.1.1 is now available

Dear all,

BNA app version 1.1.1 (minor release) is out with bug fixes and enhancements.

This is the latest stable release that is still able to support DHIS2 version 2.28 - > 2.33.
Below is a summary of release note:

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Release Note Minor 1.1.1 Release Note
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BNA App v1.1.1 Minor Release Note


Components: [App] Settings|
|DHIS2-8233|Improve user interface for the Period and Orgunit selection

Components: [App] Maintenance|


|DHIS2-8234 |Overlapping panel on list of interventions
Components: [App] Analysis|
|DHIS2-8235| Editing legend sets for the sub-level analysis not committing changes
Components: [App] Maintenance|
|DHIS2-8236 |Settings features don’t show immediately after creating an intervention. Components: [App] Settings|
|DHIS2-8237 |Ungrouped indicators / newly created indicators do not show in the list for selection. Components: [App] Settings|
|DHIS2-8238 |Searching/filtering Indicators doesn’t returning preferred items
Components: [App] Settings|
|DHIS2-8239 |Creating and opening a new intervention - returns ungrouped determinants. Components: [App] Settings|

~Eric. M


Thank you Eric for your update and uncountable effort on dhis2. Great Job!

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Thank you Lamesa

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Thank you Eric for your update and Great Job!

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Thank you so much, Eric!

Good job. Keep it up!


I would wants to have this opportunity, that from location picker, datepicker, timepicker, to shows names, which have been near coordinates, from location picker, datepicker, timepicker, names from caller id, device id, or from database socials.

tell me the procedure.

tirana, albania. located.

@gentianbrija You’ll have better luck outside of this thread. Start first by understanding the DHIS2 Fundamentals.

What you’ll want is a DHIS2 Tracker program. You can start there.

Sorry for bothering you all, but I need your advise.
I’m using the DHIS2 version 2.33.

I tried running resource tables for first time, after tracker capture . It gave me following error.

Tried ‘clear analytic tables’ in maintanance, and it didn’t help.

Also I checked the _dateperiodstructure_temp table, and there is no value of ‘1978-10-15’

Process failed: PreparedStatementCallback; SQL [insert into _dateperiodstructure_temp values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)]; ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “_dateperiodstructure_temp_pkey” Detail: Key (dateperiod)=(1978-10-15) already exists.; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “_dateperiodstructure_temp_pkey” Detail: Key (dateperiod)=(1978-10-15) already exists.

I tried to get back with previous version 2.32 but is the same issue.

Please advice me and thanks a lot for your time

Hi chase.freeman.

I am Gentian Brija.

I would want to be sincere, not to use charity words, for corrupting people for money,

I would want to finds, the lastname from an grandsister from littlesister.


I need jquery location picker, which gives coordinates, in Palette Form, in destination where I have see God’s mercy, near town, near streetname, ( by selecting an point ) to give coordinates,
2 datapicker ( day/month/year )
3 timepicker ( 10:10/AM or PM example )
4 button ( see names )

firstnames and lastnames.

this solution, is even, for membry names, which have departed from their family, to knows, last location, not current location, and to confirming the police,