Black Screen on Android Device

Hi All, Iam working with the app DHIS2 Capture for Android, where my role is to ensure that implementation runs smoothly. Due to our geographical dispersion, it is not always possible to give assistance in person.
I tried to use TeamViewer and AnyDesk to access the android phone in question, but unfortunately the screen goes black. I would like to know how I can overcome this behavior, any help is welcome. Thank you.

Hi @asacur you can try use the training Tracker APK from GitHub.

I dont know if there is another options.


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Hi @asacur. As Damasceno points out please try the Training APK from Github to see if that solves the issue. I am afraid this might be related to the protection embedded in the production App.

To be honest I have never worked with TeamViewer on Android and I tested now for a bit without success as I cannot even connect. I have tested though the remote support with some of the MDMs (as listed here: MDM documentation - How to manage your DHIS2 Android implementation) and it worked well, but these MDM agents run with admin privileges which might be related.


@jaime.bosque thanks for the answer, this is really what I was looking for, a way to manage the device, since we have the issue of geographic dispersion. I will read the documentation and if you have any questions I will comment.

Hi @jaime.bosque tested one MDM Server (Miradore) i was able to install programs via the server, uninstall, etc. But unfortunately I felt that this is not what I am trying to solve, I am looking for a way to help but for that I need a remote way to enter the DHIS2 Android application to see and help. Is something missing me?

I am afraid this might be related to the protection embedded in the production App.

How to bypass that.

Hi @asacur.

Did you check the chart on: some of the MDMs listed there include this feature. We did not cover all the MDM solutions available and the features might have changed but the solutions like Scale Fusion and Manage Engine support the remote cast. Which seems to be what you want.

You can try the free version of them to see if that meet your requirements.

Hi @jaime.bosque let me try.
Many thanks

Hi @jaime.bosque, to update you, until then I tested the scalefusion, and managed to make all necessary settings, unfortunately the monitor goes black when I try to access DHIS Capture on their remote app. My question is, am I the only one who wants to have access to the application to help data managers (data enter) when they have any difficulties? How does the community normally do?

Hi @asacur.

Could you try with the training App? Find the download link here: If it works with this it will be due to the fact that for security reasons the screen overlay is not supported. We are evaluating this block to see if we could remove and still comply with the recommendations. Although for me it makes sense that this information is not visible via any other app.

Regarding your question. I don’t know any project that wants to do what you are suggesting. Usually the support is either done by phone or WhatsApp. As far as I know the users are trained on how to use the app before hand and only when errors occur the support is requested.

Hope it helps. Best.

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Thanks @jaime.bosque.

Hello again @asacur ,

Since the inclusion of the screenshot allowance in the Android Settings Web App, this limiting issue while troubleshooting should not be present anymore.


Thank you very much, I am familiar with the tool and have already tested it. Thanks to the DHIS2 team for listening to the community.



It happened to me once that the android app was configured with nightly mode (dark mode). Changing it to daily mode solved my black screen.

Maybe is not your case but it could help.


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Hi @kfeina,

Welcome back to the community :tada:

The screen used to turn black because before it was not possible to take screenshots on the app; however, this has been fixed “since the inclusion of the screenshot allowance in the Android Settings Web App.”