Bi-Weekly Period Not Available in Pivot Table and Data Visualizer

(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #1

Hello Devs,
We created a bi-weekly data set for some of our CQI activities that we needed to track and are required to create charts to see the progress of the improvements.
In trying to create the charts, we noticed that the bi-weekly period is not available in the data visualizer and pivot tables as period options.
Is this an upcoming feature or an oversight in implementation?
We had assumed that since it was available for the data set config that it would be available for the analytics.
I also checked on the demo site and it is the same thing.

Do kindly look into.

Thank you.

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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #2

Hello Devs,
Any response to this?

@phil @marta @Lars @prosper

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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #3

Just to add that this issue is already reported on JIRA and have added comments to it.

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(Philip Larsen Donnelly) #4

Dear @ifeanyiokoye

I will follow this up. Can you please confirm which version of DHIS 2 you are using?


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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #5

Hello @phil, we are using version 2.30

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(Philip Larsen Donnelly) #6

Thanks @ifeanyiokoye,

You are correct, the feature is not yet implemented in the analytics apps; and this is at least partially due to an oversight, so thank you for bringing it to our attention!
I’m going to follow this up with @Scott, our Product Manager for analytics, to make sure we address this issue in our roadmap!

Kind regards,

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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #7

Thank you @phil and @Scott for this. This is good news.

Just a question about back porting and possible timelines?

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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #8

Hello @phil and @Scott,
Just following up on this issue.
How soon do we expect a fix?

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(Scott Russpatrick) #9

@ifeanyiokoye This will take a bit of time. First we have to develop an endpoint in the analytics tables and then we need to add it to the UX in all of the analytics apps. You can plan tentatively for the November 2.33 release. What version are you using now?

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(Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye) #10

Hi @Scott,
We are using version 2.30.

Will the fix be back ported to previous versions?

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(Scott Russpatrick) #11

I’m not sure yet. We will take a look if that is possible. I do want to also apologize for this. The fact this is happening has exposed some holes in our cross-team communication and collaboration that we are filling to prevent this kind of discrepancy from happening again.

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