Beyond setting type as app or lib what is the feature different between app and library?

I have been looking for documentation on the feature difference between app and library but have not seen it.

I noticed that in 2.40.0, I can add custom app to the dashboard. But when I did, it came with the header bar. So on the page I have two header bars. So I was thinking, if I make the type lib, will the header bar excluded?

Thanks @jetisco4u! By Library, do you mean something similar to DHIS2 UI Library | DHIS2 Developer Portal?

I wanted to know the difference. If I take this into context, it will mean that DHIS2 library is just like a component that would go into an App.

I wanted to know because when I added my custom app to a dashboard, the header bar is included such that I ended up with two header bar.

I was thinking whether if I build a library (which is likely a component), can I upload it same way I upload an app?

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Thanks, I got you but how is it going to be used if it’s only a component? You can test with a very basic code :thinking:

Basically what I wanted to achieve is to embed an app in the dashboard without the header bar. It seems I cannot achieve that with a library. I already have the app fetching data from a third party api and displaying some tables and custom virtual tools not based on DHIS2. Maybe we need to look at the possibility of embedding app as plugin without the header bar.