Best practices and lessons learned from a selection of African malaria implementations (Namibia and Mozambique)

The National Vector-Borne Diseases Program (NVDCP) in Namibia, and the National Malaria Control Program in Mozambique (NMCP) have both been steadily making progress towards a DHIS2-based Malaria Data Repository, integrating data across malaria-relevant programmatic areas such as case surveillance (both aggregate and case-based), vector control, entomology, stocks, supervision, and more.

In this presentation within the malaria session (Thurs June 24 @ 14:00-14:55 CEST) we will hear from Iitula Iitula (Insectary Manager, NVDCP, Namibia) and Sameen Babur (Health Informatics Technical Advisor, CHAI, on behalf of Mozambique NMCP) as we share our approach, successes and lessons learned when building malaria data repositories in DHIS2.

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