Best Practice for setting up Organisation unit groups and sets

What should be the best way to set up Org Unit group and set for the following way i have setup
Level 1: My Organisation
Level 2: My Country
Level 3: My States
Level 4: My Districts
Level 5. Villages/Towns
Level 6. Hamlets/Local Area
Level 7. Facilities/Houses

Can any body suggest how should i setup Organization unit groups, Organization unit sets and Organisational unit level. Also how to enter polygons for Country to Hamlets.

Please note my DHIS2 version is 2.37 on JDK 11 and postgres is 14.1

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Hi @amitta,
Thank you for your patience! From my personal perspective I would say that Level 1 should be the county and the organisation can be an “implementation partner” this way it has the ability to expand and be used by other organisations.

Have you taken the online self-paced DHIS2 Fundamentals course? I really recommend you visit the DHIS2 Academy site and take it because you will learn a lot about this, and for the polygons, I think you’ll find this doc useful: Maps - DHIS2 Documentation