Barcoder reader on the version 2.3 of the android app


I’m having issues entering barcode data on the last android application version (2.3). When I open a form with a barcode field it just doesn’t let me enter any data. When the field is in a specific tab it doesn’t even open.

Can you please help me with this?

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Hi @steliomo

Can you describe a bit more in detail when is this happening? I have just tested a program with a Data Element of type text and rendered as barcode and it is working fine in 2.3. I can enter text manually but

Does your device have a camera?

Hi @jaime.bosque

Thank you for your quick answer. The scenario is, I have a form divided by sections (tabs) with a text type data element rendered as barcode and other with the different data types. But when I let the data element rendering the barcode I cannot open up other tabs in the form. It keeps loading but when I disable the barcode render everything works properly.

I hope it clear your question.

Thank you

Hi Stelio,

I cannot reproduce this issue following your instructions. Could you either share credentials with me if it is a testing server or share the exported JSON of the program?

Hi @jaime.bosque,

Thank you very much for you quick response. If you don’t mind we can schedule a short call. I’m available at the following zoom channel:

Meeting ID: 587 396 0320
Passcode: 111111

Let me know what time works for you.

Thank you in advance.