Backup DHIS2 with Data collected and not synchronized

Hello community members,
I’m having a problem using DHIS2 to collect data for a project.
I’m using DHIS2 on Android-based tablets. I’m having problems synchronizing the data. Every time I launch the synchronization, I get an error message and the synchronization stops.

So I’d like to make a backup of the tablets (DHIS2 with the data collected locally and not synchronized) in the cloud and send the settings to the administrator in another country so that he can restore the copy (DHIS2 with the data I’ve collected and not synchronized) on a tablet in order to analyze the problem and solve it once and for all.

Does anyone have any experience of this kind of operation or any ideas on how I can back up the tablet with DHIS2 (containing the data collected but not synchronized)?

Thanks in advance

Hi @zana_sidi

Thank you for the post!

Please share what the error is…

Probably the preferable and recommended approach is solving the issue itself with the synchronization? :thinking: Would you want to share more info about the issue so if there’s an issue that can be solved?