Availability of widgets in Capture App

Hi all. According to the DHIS2 Capture App documentation (2.40 version), you can find a series of widgets as Warning and Error (apart from indicators, feedback, enrollment, etc…).
But I can’t find a way to this widgets could be active this two (warning and error). I did a test forcing the error or warning but they never showed up.
Do you know anything about this?

Hi @Evelyn_Villegas

The app you are referring to is the Tracker Capture app (the Capture app is the newer version):

Hi @Evelyn_Villegas,

The Warning and Error widget in Capture will show up if you have a program role with action “Show warning” or “Show error” that is not assigned to a data element or tracked entity attribute. Then it’ll show as a general error/warning in the widget but widget will only show if there actually is one.

Can you try that?

HI @Karoline, thanks a lot for clarifying this question. It was perfect, I could show some warning and error messages in Capture App in play.