Availability of the new Enrollment Dashboard in 2.40+ versions

Hi community.
I’m using the 2.40.2 and I have notice that when using the Capture App (version 100.53.0) and I create a new person (or entity), the new Enrollment Dashboard is displayed and I can create and edit events directly from there. The same happens when I search for a person or select one from the list of registers.
However, this behavior is not consistent for all tracker programs. For some programs, after creating a person, the app redirects me to the tracker-capture App to edit the events.
Is there a way to force the new Enrollment Dashboard to always be available for all tracker programs and prevent it from redirecting us to the tracker-capture App?

Any help or additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Hi @Evelyn_Villegas

You need to make sure that you opt in the program otherwise it will keep redirecting into the Tracker Capture app:

Hi @Gassim, thank you for your feedback. That’s the point. What makes the Opt-in available in some programs and not in others? What can I do to get the new Enrollment Dashboard activation message (opt-in) to appear?
Thanks a lot.

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+1 to the question

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Hi @Gassim. Any update about this question?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Evelyn_Villegas,
It should be available for all Tracker programs so I am very interested in finding out why the opt-in message is not showing for certain programs. Have you found any specific similarities with those who have the opt-in message and not? Any test server you find this happening that I could have a test user for to look more into it?


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Hey @Evelyn_Villegas!
I think the reason for why the opt in component is not showing in your Capture application is because you might not have metadata write access to the program. This is a required access level to have if you’re enabling or disabling one of the apps, as it impacts all the users in this system. If you are sure that you have the right permission, check if there are a box saying opt out at the end of the page. (Under the working lists).

You should not have to do the following, but if you want to clear everything and force Capture to never navigate the user to tracker capture, you can do the following clean up in your system (clear the cache to some extent):

  1. Open the datastore management application in your DHIS2 implementation
  2. Navigate to the capture key in the left hand side
  3. Click the three vertical dots
  4. Select the delete option

This should fix your problem.

Let me know if you have any issues :blush:

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Hi @eirikhaugstulen, thank you for your feedback. I’ll do that.

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Thank you, @Karoline . With the last Capture App version and with the Eirik solution apparently it is working for all programs. But do you know if anyone is reporting some problems with the new EnrollmentDashboard crashing in programs with TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)?

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Hi @Evelyn_Villegas,

So sorry you’re experiencing this crash! We want to avoid that for sure - can you let us know when this crash happened, have you found anything that is consistent with it (Eg opening a certain event, a specific program rule triggers, completing an event…)

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Hi @Karoline, I’m doing some further tests for finding a pattern or trigger for this. In one of the situation that we have I found that in one program, when I test with a regular user, the enrollment dashboard crashes but with my superuser it works…
But I’ll continue with the testing for finding what is happening.

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