Automatic Scheduling

Hi community,

We would like to create (a) program rule(s) to automatically schedule event fifteen days from enrollment in a repeatable program stage. Can anyone help us with a step by step explanation?


HI @dmbantu,

I’m basically making use of the steps mentioned in this doc: Create Program Stages

In your tracker program settings, click program stage then:

  1. Click the plus sign to create a program stage.
  2. After entering the details, you will find Scheduled days from start field, enter 0 because you will choose the date to be based on enrollment.
  3. Select that the program stage is Repeatable
  4. Enter Standard interval days. The number of days to repeat the repeatable program stage: fifteen days
  5. Select auto-generate event and Generate events based on enrollment date

These are the necessary setting sot make an auto-generated event every 15 days from enrollment. You don’t need to use a program rule here.

I hope this helps! Thanks!