Automatic Calculation of EPI week, month and day

Dear all,
I am creating a Maternal Death Surveillance Reporting (MDSR) form. I want the EPI week, month and day to be automatically calculated once the "Date Death Occurred" is entered. Please can some help with the procedure?
Attached is a screenshot of what I want to achieve.


Hi @Gerald_Thomas!
This is a very interesting question and I thought it would be simple but I can’t find a function in program rules that will change the static version of the date ‘yyyy-MM-dd’ to ‘yyyy’ or ‘Year’ … etc Assuming it is possible to get to the result using the ‘date between’ functions, it seems too complicated to even try!

I need to ask if there is a function such as DATE_PART(), EXTRACT (MONTH,date), or as simple as MONTH(date).

UPDATE: Reading through the CoP posts, I found this which should help with creating the program rules that will assign the values based on the date in the ‘Date Death Occurred’:

Hope it helps! :+1:

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