Autofill event location using program rule

Hi Team,

In an event program i have a data element of type organisation unit. Is it possible to assign the lat/long of the selected org unit to event location?
Note: Event location is not data element it takes coordinates as input when we set the feature type of program to point.

Major use case targeted - We want to capture location of the patient being recorded in an event. Event location coordinate feature can be used but it difficult to locate lat/long on map. We have a predefined set of locations (which we can create as org units) along with their lat/long. Is there any possible way to use existing set of locations in event location, so that we can plot this event location in GIS Maps

Wondering if the major use case can be resolved in anyway?

Hi @Sweety_Sharma

If I understand your question correctly:

  1. You have a list of OUs that already have the coordinates
  2. In an event, you want to make use of these OUs as info that will be collected part of the form
  3. Using the info from the form, you want to make use of it in the Maps app

My question is, when creating the event, isn’t is already assigned to certain OUs? Therefore, why the need to duplicate that info when already the event will be created in the same OU as this could be directly used in the Maps app.


Hi @Gassim

Your understanding is correct.
Regarding when creating the event, isn’t is already assigned to certain OUs - yes it is assigned to OU but thats the registering OU. Major use case is i want to plot based the origin patients are coming from. I have a list of locations(lat/long) they would come from. I want the plotting to be based on these locations. To solve this use case we thought of creating this list of locations as a different set of org units since each org unit can hold lat/longs.