Attribute combo not appearing in a tracker capture

Hi, Everyone.

I created two categories and a category combination with data dimension type as attribute. I assigned the category combination to a tracker capture but no drop down list appears after selecting the tracker.

If you are using Tracker Capture, the Attributes will appear once the TEA is registered and you have moved and the Program stages have been selected but not at registration.

If you are using Event Capture, then the attributes will show up once you have selected the orgunit and program.

Please clear cache to fully see changes.
Let me know if this was helpful.


Hi @Emma_Kassy

For event capture, after selecting orgunit and program, I can see the attributes. For tracker capture, I get the following error after registering the TEA , but before selecting the program stage.


Hi @dmbantu,
I experienced the same error but after a few seconds it disappeared. Is this the case for you?
In other words, this error did not stop me from going to program stage.
As you may have noticed, it complains about the attribute combo being "non default ", it should have a value specified.

Let me know if you still have the same problem and what version of DHIS2 you are working with.