Attribute combination suddenly stopped appearing under period

Hi all,

An attribute combo assigned to a dataset suddenly stopped appearing, so users can not the see the form to enter data. After selecting org unit, dataset name and period, the attribute combo (drop down list) is not showing. the users reported this problem and I haven’t found the solution yet.

This is what I see in the Console

in the network


Hi @dmbantu

Does this happen even if you open the data set using a Superuser account and in Guest mode of your browser (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)?

What if you use the Maintenance in the Data Administration app (Update category option combinations, Clear application cache, and Reload apps) and then try again to view it using the Superuser and browser in Guest mode?

Finally, what version of DHIS2 are you using? Would it be possible to share more info about the attribute combination’s configuration? Additionally, do you suppose any changes such as at the metadata, database or sever level happened that caused this issue to suddenly appear?

Thanks for the screenshot but would it be possible in the Network tab to see if any of the requests is red and get more info about the request as well as response?

I hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim,

  1. I am using a superuser account. The form is not showing even if I open the dataset in Guest mode.

  2. I updated category option combinations, cleared application cache, and reloaded apps and tried again to view the dataset using the Superuser and browser in Guest mode, but the problem continues.

  3. I am using DHIS 2 version: What I did before this problem happened, I added new category options (6) to the category, but the category options are correctly shared.


Hi @dmbantu

Yes, sorry it’s not clear why this issue is appearing. Did you also run the analytics tables export? It will require more testing from the backend like checking the API requests that are being sent when you open the dataset as well as the responses. Do you think it might be possible to reproduce the issue in any of the instances?

You might want to upgrade your instance to one of the latest and stable dhis2 versions.

Thank you!