Attendence Management

Hello All,
How can I administer the attendance for students from one interface without going into each record? Does anyone have an idea?




Hi @Abumere_Ejakhegbe,

Thank you for your post! I understand that you are using a Tracker Program to track each TEI (student) and so each student has a record? I’d wait for an expert answer but as far as I know, I think it’s only to possible to update multiple TEIs at once using the API (or the import/ export app).

This could be an app idea for #development:app-development , but you could implement something as easy as a CSV import or API request, (New Tracker - DHIS2 Documentation)

If you think it’s essential to have this directly available in the UI then please share more details about the current challenge and if you have a feature request to suggest then please create it at (Projects - Jira) and share it with the community to get more votes.

Thank you!

Hi there! Thanks so much for getting in touch and very interesting to hear your project is keen to manage student attendance! @zeferino, @Knut_Staring can share more about an EMIS-specific app that is currently being used to make attendance taking and tracking much more user-friendly.


@Gassim, thanks for taking your time to respond. The whole point is making the process very user friendly and taking away CSV/Excel. This feature is very important as it will increase the usability for the attendance use case for a national teachers training project. I hope to see some efforts in this area.

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@SophiaK , Thanks for your response. The project is a national teachers training initiative.
it is required to enroll and track teachers as they progress through a series of trainings overs a period of time. Over 17000 teachers are already in the system. These sessions can have up to 200 teachers across difference districts for a particular period. A location can have like 80 teachers processed for a session. Having to process one after the other for each TEI would be cumbersome. We would like to avoid csv imports if possible as we want a change process that takes csv out entirely except when necessary for bulk operations and not for daily operations. @zeferino and @Knut_Staring can you share this EMIS app suggested by @SophiaK?

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Hello Abumere, very sorry for not responding to this inquiry. Your project is very interesting, I also recently came across the video of the presentation you made at the DHIS2 Symposium. I do think the webapp that we are working on could be suitable for your use case, and you can actually try a version of it here. It is still under development, and has not been exactly targeted to your use case, but I think it could make sense to have a call about it. Please message me on


Hello Knut,
I will reach out. Thanks

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