Assistance required for: Resize data field, restrict viewing report and reporting period

Dear All,
Need expertise solutions for the following topics

1) Resize data field
I have reporting form designed in default mode in tab sections, the data fields are long which occupies the space, to fit, how can i resize the data field size of default forms.

2) Restriction of viewing data element
I do not want a user to view all data elements in analytic apps, i want to restrict viewing all apart from his data reporting form.

3) Disable reporting period(date)
I have a data set that users have to report daily but in the period section all the dates are popping up. How can I disable other dates, keep today’s and yesterday’s dates?

Thank you

Hi @Sangay_Tenzin

TO answer your questions.

  1. You’ll have to make a custom data entry form to resize the data field. This will mean that you loose your sections though.
  2. Data element sharing can be used to define which users are able to see the data element. We recommend that you group together users in user groups and then apply the more restrictive sharing setting to the user group. You’ll need to be careful that as users are added to the system they are also added to the proper usergroups. Often user role standard operating procedures should be developed to manage the addition and deletion of users.
  3. Unfortunately this is not possible.

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Thank you for the clarification