Assistance: Program rule to show multiple data elements

Hi all,

I have 4 Yes Only data elements and 4 text fields data elements. If A1 and A2 Yes Only DEs are selected, only A1 and A2 prevention priorities DEs should be shown and so on. What we have in program rules is Hide Field Action. We do not have a show field action.

In my case, if a Yes Only DE is chosen, I would like to show the corresponding text field data element. How can I achieve this?


Hi @dmbantu ,

If you would like to hide a field by default, and show the field upon some condition, then you can negate the program rule condition with ! and make “Hide Field” the program rule action.

As an example of this you can observe the program rule and behavior for “WHOMCH Chronic Conditions” question under the WHO RMNCH Tracker program in Play demo

Condition: !#{chronicconditions}
Actions: HideField


This would also work with Yes Only DEs.

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Hi @brian,

Thank you very much. The steps you have provided have solved my problem with Yes Only Des, but two questions have arisen: I am unable to hide/ show program stage following the same steps.
I have an attribute type of visit with an option set attached to it: Type of visit (VA, PS). If VA is chosen, only VA_Test program stage must be shown, i.e, hde PS_Test PS. Below is how I built the program rule:

I have also tried this condition, but it doesn’t work

Thank you again