Assistance needed

Hi all,

I have the following issue.
I have assignned DEs to a dataset, but when I go to design the data entry form (under Data Sets), data elements Tab shows zero. The data elements only appear under the “Totals” tab.

DEs assigned

DEs only showing uder totals tab

Any help would be appreciated.


@fernando thank you for the post!

Could you check the data element configuration if it has a category combination selected?


Hi @Gassim,

All data elements have a category combination selected.

When I remove the category combination, the data elements appear under the tab. Is the problem with the Category Combination?


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Yes, that’s the functionality. It’s being disaggregated and thus appears in the totals tab rather than data element. It’s still considered the data element but an category of the data element.

For example, Gender is a data element and has options those options will appear under the totals tab because if it were to appear in the Data Element tab then the question remains “which gender?” However, it will appear in its different options under the totals tab. On the other hand, data element “size” which doesn’t have options or categories will appear under the data element tab because it will be selected individually.

I hope this explains it but really the reason why you’re see the data elements there is because of the configuration.

Hi @Gassim,

if it’s still considered the data element, how will I assign the data elements to the corresponding cells in the custom form since I can not see the disaggregation’s under the totals tab? when DEs appear under the data elements tab, we can see the desegregations. In this case, how shall I proceed?


Hi @fernando , try to update the category option on the Data Administration application.

Hi @asacur,

I have updated the category option combinations, But there are yet no data elements under the DEs Tab. All data elements appear under the Totals Tab.


Hi @fernando,
Some questions to guide you:

Did you add the data elements to your data set?
Have you given write permission to these data elements?
Do the created categories have write permission?
Are the data elements of the aggregate type? (Do not choose TRACKER for this form! )

Thanks in Advance