Assigning ranges to a data set in "Event Reports"

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I need some help to assign rages in event reports for age categories. Once I enter event reports app, there is a place to select the data element. In my case the data element is the age.

I want to have age categories
< = 16
17 to 22
23 to 28
29 to 34
35 to 40
40 = >

So inputting < = 16 is a easy but when I try to add a range I used 17 - 22 but when I enter the range it rests to 17.

Please give expert opinion thank you DHIS2 Support Community in advance.

Hi @udakaya

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If the age range is set to 17 - 22, how does it reset to 17? Could you please take a screenshot of what’s happening because I can’t reproduce the issue?

Thank you!

Thank you Gassim.

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Have you tried creating a legend with these ranges, and then assigning that to the data element? This will let you use that as your range for that data element in event reports. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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Sorry for the delayed responce. I have not tried a legend. Is their an online tutorial I can follow to get a clear idea how to assign a legend.

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Hi @udakaya

You can read more about legends in the docs: Metadata - DHIS2 Documentation

You might also find the following videos helpful:

And FYI, it works for the Data Visualizer app as well as the Maps app…