Assign value to tracked entity attribute based on birthdate

Hello, I’m trying to assign a value to a TEA (with option set) based on the birthdate and the value won’t set (the event report is coming out blank). Please see the screenshots below:


I saw these old tickets but didn’t give me any answers: here and here.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Clara,
I’ve just checked and you just need to remove the simple quotes from the Expression to evaluate and assign.

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Thanks @Pablo. Still doesn’t work quotes or no quotes. Any other ideas?

I think there is a problem with dates variables @Markus.
I’ve been testing in 2.36, and anytime I set V{current_date} in a program rule or program rule action the rule is not triggered.

For what its worth I use V{event_date} in 2.36.4 and it works fine in the d2:daysBetween() formula within an event model program

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My date variables are working fine in other places (events) so it seems the issue might be with assignments? Or maybe the date function doesn’t work during enrollment? cc: @Matthew_Boddie

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