Assign value PR not working as expected

Hi all.
Assign value PR not triggered immediately

I am trying to assign a tracked entity attribute of type date to a data element, but the program rule seems not to be triggered immediately. Only after clicking on another program stage, I can see the assigned value. For example, in the image below, when I click on A_2 program stage data de rececao cartao DE is not filled immediately, though when I click on A_1 and back to A_2 the value is assigned. I do not what is happening

The other problem is that the order of program stages has changed (A_2,A_1) instead of (A_1,A_2)

Any explanation is welcome

What evaluation are you using on your Program Rule?

Hi @jaime.bosque,

I capture data da recepcao do cartao as an attribute of date data type and I assign to a data element Data da recepcao do cartao

In the program rule expression I have
d2:hasValue (data da recepcao do cartao)

PR action
Assign value to data element Data da recepcao do cartao