Assign more than one user to one event in tracker program

Hello every one,
I am currently trying to customize the tracker program to use on our health facilities.
We have registrars and service providers, in some patients more than one service provider needs to fill the same stage of person (in our program it is consultation stage).

We used the user assignment feature to customize the displayed list on service providers screens. my question is: can we assign more than one user to same event ?

note: used DHIS2 version is:


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Hi @Kutaiba_Alaaddin
Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing the use case.

By design only one user is assigned to an event; however, in the tracker program it is possible to create more than one stage so maybe a solution would be to divide the stage into different stages?

Could you explain more about the use case and why that (diving the stage into two stages) wouldn’t be possible? And probably the best way to find a solution for this case is to explain a real life example.

Thank you!


thanks for the support,
I will try to split the stage into two and then inform you about my use case if it doesn’t work. Thank you again and sorry I didn’t see a notification of your message.

Dear Al-Gassim
Regarding to assignment users subject, could we customize the list of available users (for example specific users based on facility or role)