Are Card images available in Capture Android app?

In the “old” Tracker program it was possible to display an image in the round button on the mobile device. Is that possible with Capture Android app? I can only see a “?”.
As far as I know that Tracked entity type attribute which appears on the top of the list in the “Tracked entity type” should appear in the icon, which is the “appliance image” for this Tracker program.

Hi @George_McGuire ,

the first attribute of type image and marked as “Display in list” should appear there. If not, we should fix it.

Can you confirm if that´s your configuration?

Many thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply:


Username: demo

Password: Stock123!

“Appliance image” (Tracked entity attribute) has the Value type “Image”.

Tracker Program: “Cold chain appliance lifecycle management - CCE”

“3 Attributes”: “Appliance image” appears as the first TEA at the top of the list and is marked as “Display in list”.


Capture app (web): confirmed that images are uploaded and available.

In the Capture Android app (v2.9.1) the card image shows a “?” (question mark).

The same behaviour was found for a second Tracker Program (Biomedical Life Cycle management).

I am sure card images were available with the “Tracker Capture” (which also displays images rather than a hyperlink in the web app working list) and a large image (about half screen) would open when taping on the image but not sure ever seen in Capture Android app.

Capture app (web)


Capture Android app

Issue resolved, thanks a lot Nancy!

Everything is fully functional in DHIS2, this is a pure user error by me. The “Maximum file size limit for download (Kb)” was set to zero (default) in the Android settings web app.

As soon as I set it to 500 kB and synchronised the mobile device, the images appear:

And when taping on the image, it appears enlarged, beautiful!


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