Arabic Language in PDF download Files (data visualizer)

Hello, I have problems when downloading PDF Files from data visualizer app for any chart type if anything is written in arabic(indicators,dataelements) thier charechters appears like this (’###’) image(1) Also the file name which takes the chart name I made if its in arabic appears like this (______)image(2).Can you help to solve this problem please. (note that my system default database is arabic(server-side)).
-Image (1)


Thank you for your post @Ahme7d! This is a bug actually and probably because of the font used when converting the visualizations to PDF, would you like to create a Jira bug issue in Similar to this post with steps to reproduce! Thanks!

Although this is not a permanent solution, I found a workaround to this and hope it’ll solve the issue:
While the Network tab (F12 Console → Network tab) click on download PDF and then open the “payload” for the request (as you see in the screenshot with numbered steps below.) You’ll then be able to highlight and copy the svg code (using ‘copy value’ doesn’t work here without modifications so select ‘copy’).

After that paste the code into a Notepad but make sure to save it as an svg file (not text file) as in the image below:


You will then be able to see the text as it is in Arabic, and since it’s in SVG you can print/save PDF too!

Thanks! (:

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Thank’s Gassim :innocent:, Now it seems sense and clear, And yes I would like to make a Jira bug issue to solve this that will great :+1:. should I do it my self or you will do instead.

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You’re welcome! I have created a Jira Issue you can watch it to receive a notification when there’s any update:

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