Arabic in validation notifications

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Validation notification emails do not seem so support Arabic characters. They seem to be sent out as question marks (see screenshot below where the OU names are in Arabic).

I have tried sending these notifications to a few different email addresses on different providers, in case it was an issue of the email client not rendering the Arabic characters, but with no luck.

The DHIS2 instance in question is fairly venerable (2.36.12), so I am wondering if this is an issue that has already been addressed in a later version. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @HaydnJ

Thank you for your post! :slight_smile: I have one suggestion that could work but I’ve not tested it. If you’re willing to give it a try, I think you need to use the Translations app to translation the message, and the original message should be in English. See screenshot:

It’s also possible to translate directly in the Maintenance app by clicking on the message template options and then Translation.

Additionally, good to know you’re using Arabic, I want to make a suggestion if the above doesn’t work, would you like to make a post in #connect:arabic-community to see if anyone else has faced this issue?


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Hi @Gassim,

Translating doesn’t seem to have helped. The validation rules currently have English names and descriptions, but the OUs are all written in Arabic. I have tried changing the system and database language to arabic to see if this had an effect on the email I received but I still get the ??? in place of Arabic characters.

I am going to spin up a test instance on 2.39 to see if I can recreate the issue and I will get back to you.

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Thanks! I don’t think it’s necessarily the version number here but it’s always good to try the latest releases :+1::+1:

Is the Arabic name written as a Translation or directly in the configuration? I think as a first step it’s important to ensure that those are also in the translation.

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The Arabic name is directly on the OU, rather than the translation, and initially my user account was set to use the system default language.

I will add some Arabic translations anyway to see what happens.

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Hi @Gassim

This also appears to be an issue on a brand new D2 cluster running

I have created a 1 OU hierarchy (with the name of السودان) and a very simple validation test.

As you can see in the email I received below, the OU name is still replaced with question marks.

I have tried setting the system language to Arabic, and also adding Arabic translations but it shows up as question marks.

I will get a Jira logged and link it here.


Jira: [DHIS2-14901] - Jira

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