April Developer Meetup Announcement: Q&A

Hi all!

We’re already close to the next meetup date, 2023-04-13T09:00:00Z, which is going to be all about Q&A. If you have any questions whatsoever about any DHIS2 software development topic, you’re welcome to join and ask your questions.

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Will we see you there? Even if you have no questions, you might still be able to learn or answer questions others have!


Thanks @Rene! I’m looking forward to the meetup. :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks everyone for attending yesterday! It’s great to hear your questions and find out more about the challenges that you are facing. We have some points to follow up on after the meeting and will reach out individually/generally when we have updates, but I wanted to address a couple of issues we didn’t directly answer on the call.

Feel free to reach out if there’s anything else you’re wondering about.

One question we didn’t get to during the call
Q: Is there a component to display chart or pivot table based on favorit. somethings like you give favorit id to the component and it will display you the favorit
A: Great question. We use plugins for accomplishing this (for example on the dashboards app). We have been doing work in connection with our 2.40 release to update this plugin architecture in hopes of making it easier to build and use plugins. I think it would make sense for us to talk about this at an upcoming developer meetup after the 2.40 release, so that we can discuss this in more detail with the developer community. If you need something more immediate, feel free to reach out.

One question we couldn’t find a snippet during the call
Q: Is it possible to insert records on Tracker using Data Engine/Mutation? How? Can you please share a sample script?
A: I mentioned that we’d look this one up after the call. @Jasmine_Nguyen provided a sample script for adding an event; I’ve put this into a very simple app to provide a bit more context as to how you might use this in an application. Hopefully this provides some ideas and you can read more about these in our app-runtime documentation and in this tutorial.

This question needed to be addressed by our functional design team
Q: Have you considered adding functionality which allows adding/capturing new events on the line listing app(e.g. copy existing event, edit and create new event?)
A: Here’s a response from @Karoline : We will not add any data capture functionality in Line Listing app since this is an analytics app and uses the analytics tables. However, we are looking at implementing editable working lists in Capture, so you could have a working lists which includes a specific program stage and edit the event in that stage in the working list.