Application Management Page Errorr

Hi All,

I have a problem during open the app management page. Any solution?


  1. Do you have access to catalina.out in the tomcat, what’s it telling. you can find under <tomcat dir name>/logs/catalina.out

  2. Which version you are using and other functionalities works just fine?

  3. Does your user role has permission for app management, probably you can try with some other admin users with super-user permission?


I think the issue is with your URL. it’s supposed to be instead of (The extra index instead of html is the problem)


I have problem on app management and user usage application as well.


Hi @nnkogift

Sorry, this is the html.

Hey @taufiqhs,
May I ask you if this issue only appears when you try to open the App Management app? Would you please take a screenshot of the Network tab such as this:

However, if you get an error other than the ‘logo_banner’, please click on it and take a screenshot of the request such as this: