Application for managing duplicate records from one patient

Hi all,
Some times duplicate records (such as “Tracked entity attributes”) will be registered from different organisation units. For Example Patient1 was registered in hospital1 and same time registered in hospital2. Of course there is no unique attribute.
The information from different organisation units may or may not be different. I am wondering if there is any application to manage (Remove/Merge/Modify) duplicated records from one patient?

I want to know if there is any solution for that situation or not. The situation that one patient is registered in two organizations that these organizations can`t see each other data but the super admin want to see both data in one record or maybe one patient. Is there any way?!


Thank you for the question @FireForce!
The application currently has no separate app for merging duplicates that already has arisen. The only tools at the users disposal is manual cleanup, moving the data from one record to the other through the tracker capture user interface, and then deleting one of the duplicate records.

We are however working on an app and services for making this happen, and you can follow and interact with this work in this Jira issue: [DHIS2-2107] - Jira

The mecanisms that is already in place in tracker is mainly to avoid duplicates in the first place. While registering a new tracked entity instance, the tracker does its best to search for and alert the user of any possible duplicates. I would take a look and make sure that both the program, and especially the tracked entity type is set up with a sensible set of tracked entity attributes that is searchable. This is extra important when no unique ids exists for the use case.

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