Appearing Zeros in Pivot Table


I’ve realized a strange behavior in pivot tables I think might be a bug. I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on this …

If I have an indicator that has no data in it, I expect it to appear as blank in a pivot table. However once I add another indicator that has data for any given period, the first indicator appears as zero. The attached screen shots are of:

  • TESTING_1_ZERO (an indicator that should be blank)
  • TESTING_2_ZERO (another indicator that should be blank)
  • TESTING_3_ZERO (an indicator that has data = 1)

Further, if I select the measure criteria in the table options to be >0, the table remains the same (with the zeros).

Why are these zeros appearing?

Lauren Fregosi



Hi @lnfregos
I will tag @Scott to help answer these questions.


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Hi @lnfregos,

I totally agree that the result should be a blank cell when there are no values in the data elements. There is a big difference between a zero and a blank. It does look like a bug. What version of DHIS2 are you seeing this behavior?

@Emma_Kassy can you please work with Lauren to report this as a bug, and please tag me to it so I can get the QA team on it?

@Scott and @lnfregos
Track the JIRA issue here
@lnfregos please go ahead and add what version of DHIS2 you are working with.