Appearance settings update not working

Hi, Community;

I installed a DHIS2 2.36 instance on Windows sever.
In the system parameter module, Appearance; I made a modification of the fields:
- Application title
- Application introduction
- Notification app.

I managed to make these changes for once, but after the system does not register updates to these fields.

can anyone help me to solve this problem

Thank you

Hi @elmoujarrade

Is your selected language to french? Select: system default (fallback) and edit your application title, application introduction and notification app and hopefully that will solve your problem.

As you can see in the picture, my selected language is english, and the system default is fallback, so no changes when english language is selected will show.
When I selected system fallback, the changes showed.



Hi, @Caroline
the problem is solved .
thank you for your quick support.