Apparently "no existing" dataelements can we showed in the pivot tables and data visualizer

Hi devs

So, something quite strange is happening here :). Have a look at the screenshot below. I am just selecting the Event Data items belonging to the ‘NG PPMV ICM’ program, which names are starting with the ‘NG PPMV ICM’ pattern. So, there are quite of them. However, we can not see any of them neither in the web interface nor the Web API. I have also tried to run this sentence 'select * from dataelement where name like ‘NG PPMV ICM%’ ’ but 0 rows are being returned. This is only happening for pivot tables and data visualizer, these dataelements are not appearing in Event Reports or Event Charts.

Also, Juan Manuel has tried to get the UID of some of these dataelements presented in the table


but …/api/dataElements/PqOENmkNoHN gives us a “DataElement with id PqOENmkNoHN could not be found.” message.

To give you some more context, all these dataelements were presented in the system some days ago but renamed using an XML metadata import. Now they are appearing with their old name in the agg analytics, although their UID does not exist anymore.

I have removed the browser and the server cache. I have run analytics and generated resources tables again.

We are using 2.22 (build revision 21851)

Do you have any idea? Some residual information is being stored somewhere in the database? Black magic?