App to track person thru GPS

Dear All,
Hope all is fine despite COVID-19.

I would like to request the community to share a solution or advise on how to track a person through their location using GPS. For instance, when a person ‘A’ call to person ‘B’, person ‘A’ should be able to know the location of a person ‘B’. If you have any apps/solution, kindly let us know, this kind of solution will help us in combating widespread of any diseases.

Thank you

Dear @Sangay_Tenzin

Thanks for sharing about COVID-19 innovation needs. Apparently this kind of feature is only supported and controlled by mobile telecoms in countries. Its in most cases regarded as high level privacy/restricted data collection by ordinary people. If your country allows such collection of such data, then you will need to work with telecoms, usually it only picking the telecom broadcasting mast until they go further to collect information about the phone holding the simcard.

For now its only sharing the pin through WhatsApp and other media that can get you the location and also guess phone tracking.

Otherwise you can map the cases in approximate areas where they tell you they called from.


@prosper, Thank you for your kind information and suggestions.