App platform Import paths jsconfig


Hope you are having a great day! I am working on a DHIS2 web app and hoping to use absolute paths in my imports via defining the paths in my jsconfig.json file, however they do not seem to be working in the app platform app, is this supported?

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Hi @plinnegan

There’s always a lot to learn from your posts! I’ve not tried jsconfig.json but since it works for ReactJs web apps, maybe creating a simple code app with a single import that relies on the jsconfig and the same app but without the jsconfig file to test would help us figure out? (Also, are you seeing any errors that could indicate where the issue is specifically?)

It might also be relying on external factors such as the external libraries used by the App Platform app? What is the priority for this to get fixed / updated if it’s not supported and are there any blockers with no actual workarounds?

Thank you!