App hub submission

Digging into the App Hub submission process it is found that we have a great utility provided by DHIS2 to create the Apps using the App platform.
And if we don’t use the App platform, then we have to add the Header Bar component from @dhis2/ui.
The App platform is seems to be limited to the React.
Is there any way we can submit the Apps created in other technology stack (e.g. Vue)?

Hi @ravibagul91,

Thanks for your question! Our libraries are indeed focused on React; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t build apps in any other technology.

In the end, the React libraries all use the APIs to communicate with the “host”. But unfortunately, you’ll need to wrap this yourself or check if someone else has already done this for you. I would love to see a community-developed VueJS library/libraries for app-platform and UI.

There’s an outdated and not-open source library on NPM for the header in VueJS, but considering it’s 4 years old, I’m not going to link it here for obvious reasons. I recommend against using it for production applications, but feel free to check it out and use it in your endeavors

Let me know if you run into any issues integrating with the API.

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Thanks @Rene,
I would love to implement minimum basic APIs and create my own header bar component, if it is acceptable.
There are many options in the header component,

Can you let me know what all options are mandatory?
Can I skip some of the options?

Most of the features in the headerbar are links to pages on the main installation, so those should be easy. Especially those in the dropdown in the top right. The headerbar also will have to look the same.

The apps list can be generated from the apps endpoint.

You can “play” with an interactive headerbar here on Storybook, and check out the UI docs here:

Let me know if you have further questions!


@Rene Just a small query!
Can we add our own options along with the compulsory options in the Custom Header Bar Component?


Apologies for the late reply, I’ve only just returned to the office.

Please keep the headerbar as intended, and add extra features to the “body” of your application. That way there can be no confusion on what goes where.